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Getting your home organised can reduce stress and make your life easier.

Life is very busy, it can be so overwhelming with everything there is to think about and do. Getting your home organised can simplify life: helping you to find what you need, reducing stress and making life easier.

We are all spending an increasing amount of time in our homes so it important for it to be the sanctuary you need to take on the rest of life's challenges. I can help achieve the calm and space that not only works for you and your family, but is easy to maintain moving forwards.  

'I definitely felt working-mum-guilt reaching out to George, but rationalised this was a much needed form of self-care, and looking at the results, my family and friends are thrilled for me too!'

I offer a completely non judgemental service; I understand how difficult it can be to juggle the demands on your time - running a house, family and work - it can make it difficult to see what needs to be done or even how to find the time to do it. So if you feel it is time to prioritise you book a free telephone consultation to see how I can help. 

Physically I work with
clients in Surrey and London, virtually I work with clients all over the world.

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