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Simplify By George is an organising and decluttering service that will:

Declutter and organise, removing the items you no longer need

Find a place for everything, that works for you and your household

Put processes in place to keep things decluttered and organised as simply as possible

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If you feel your home environment causes you stress as there is no order, things are everywhere and you can’t find anything when you need it, then Simplify by George is a service that can help. A completely non-judgemental service to help you to simplify, reduce clutter and stress making aspects of life easier.

I work with you to make your home less complicated whether through decluttering and removing items, organising, sorting and finding a place for things or by putting process in place to keep things simple. The process will give you control over your home and restore order.  You’ll be left with a clutter-free space that is tailor-made to suit your personal needs and home life, allowing you more time and focus for the aspects of your life that matter to you most.  I will show you ways to stay on top of the clutter so you can maintain your space long after I’ve left.


Get in touch today for a free consultation and see how I can help you simplify your home.

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