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Is your wardrobe ready for spring?

After a few sunny days and the first signs of life in the garden it has arrived, spring is here! Finally it is time to say goodbye to the winter and change over your wardrobe. If you don’t separate clothes by seasons hopefully this blog will highlight some of the benefits of doing so. I like to change my wardrobe twice a year, in the spring and at the end of the summer; here are a few reasons why….

Organised Wardrobe

Why change your clothes by season?

✔ It gives you more space in your drawers and wardrobe, so your clothes can hang properly and you can see what you have.

✔ It gives you the perfect opportunity to review what you wore and will wear; keeping your wardrobe up to date and full of the things you love.

✔ You can identify any gaps at the start of the season, so know what you need to buy.

How do I do a changeover?

✔ As you take all your autumn / winter items out review what you wore - if you didn’t wear something at all then it is probably time to donate.

✔ As you unpack your spring / summer clothes pay attention to how you feel, are you looking forward to wearing it? If not, then maybe it is time to let it go.

How to organise your clothes in your wardrobe…

You can organise your clothes in different ways, do what makes sense for you…

✔ By type

✔ By colour

✔ By type and then by colour (this is my preferred option as it is easy to find what you want in the morning).

How to store your winter clothes…

✔ For the clothes going into storage, I like to wrap them in tissue paper and put them in a large bag at the top of my wardrobe. I don't believe you need to spend lots of money on storage boxes, just find what works for your space.

✔ If you are tight for space, then vacuum bags are your friend; the ones I find work the best are these Lakeland Vacuum Storage*. They have straps and an outside case to keep things contained (just in case!), and a clear window so you can see what you have (or you can label it) and they fit neatly under the bed.

It is a fairly simple process, but it will take time so don't try and do this on a Wednesday evening at 8pm, you will just end up with a pile of clothes on your bed and nowhere to sleep; make sure you have a good few hours free, without interruptions. If you need help, please contact me I can come and help you do it, a 6 hour session costs £260 and will allow us to make your wardrobe a pleasure to open.

*please note this is an affiliate link

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