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Why Simplify?

Last year when I decided to set up my own business to help people declutter and organise their lives it took me a long time to think of a name. I wanted to make sure it gave insight into what I wanted the business to be and achieve.

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For me, getting organised is not just about making endless lists or following what someone else does. I believe, to get and stay organised you need to look at the way you and your house works and find the simplest way to meet those needs or find process that support them.

Equally, decluttering is definitely not just about removing things from your home and leaving yourself with an bare and soulless room. It is about understanding what you need, what you don't and making sure it everything has a place so you know where it is and more importantly where to put it back.

And neither of these are about perfection; life is not, it is messy and complicated you just need to find ways to make it work for you.

Simplify seemed to sum up everything I wanted to be able to help people do; making their home less complicated whether through decluttering and removing items, organising, sorting and finding a place for things or by putting process in place to keep things simple. So for me the name was very important; to be able to simplify, reducing clutter and stress making aspects of life easier.

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