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Testimonials from my clients...

I am not exaggerating when I say that she really revolutionises the spaces she works in. Her experience with all sorts of storage and organising conundrums means that she brings lots of useful hints, processes and techniques for ensuring we can use the space & what is in it in a much for worthwhile way. ⁠

Our play room now has clearly organised zones, easily accessible toys, labelled drawers & boxes and a much more organised set up. In the time since George visited us, our 3 children have gravitated into the room more and used spaces and toys which hadn’t been played with for ages. I also feel much more zen about going into that room, rather than being overwhelmed by the disorganised volume of “stuff”. ⁠

I wouldn’t hesitate using George’s services again, and wholeheartedly recommending them to others too.'

Untidy Playroom
Organised Playroom
Kitchen with packing boxes
Unpacked Kitchen

I can’t recommend Simplify By George highly enough! I recently had to move house and couldn’t be there to unpack after the move. We were due to come back to a house full of boxes that needed unpacking with my husband recovering from triple bypass surgery and very fragile.⁠

George came in and unpacked and organised the kitchen, kids bedrooms and sitting room and we arrived home to a welcoming, amazingly organised home that was a joy to be in. She saved us so much stress and I am so grateful, thank you George!

George is everything she says and more. ⁠

I definitely felt working-mum-guilt reaching out to George, but rationalised this was a much needed form of self-care, and looking at the results, my family and friends are thrilled for me too! I felt she listened to both me and my husbands needs, and found innovative solutions that worked for all of us, breathing a new lease of life into a kitchen we felt we’d grown out of. ⁠

I was so impressed with her ability to anticipate our needs and deliver her ideas sensitively and without judgement. Inviting someone into your home to help you make tough decisions about what to throw out might make you think you’d be feeling vulnerable, but George made the whole process positive and fun, creating something beautiful and inspired us to push on with the whole house. ⁠

I really appreciated her doing all the researching and sorting, something which I just don’t have the time or headspace to tackle. She is extremely thoughtful and my boys loved having her in the house too. I highly recommend having George work her magic, she has brought a lot of joy to our family already! Thank you George!

Untidy Kitchen
Cluttered Shelves
Organised Kitchen
Organised Shelves

Heading 2

Pile of Paperwork
Paperork File

Wow you are a superstar, my life has been halved and halved again and then some more.

What fantastic work you've done, it's the job I've been absolutely dreading for the last 10+ years and you've managed to sort it out for me.

Thanks so much. It's a relief to get some order back.

George provides a professional non judgemental service and has helped us reclaim our front room as we prepare to get the house ready for market.

I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for some help or feeling overwhelmed by clutter. Just brilliant!

Cluttered Bookcase
Organised Bookcase
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