Heading 2


‘My heart would sink every time I walked into my sons' bedroom. They didn't care that it was chaotically messy, but every time I looked inside it would impact my mental wellbeing! It became a situation that had to be addressed once and for all when we acquired a piano that needed space in there. Thank goodness Georgie was on hand to help. She offers the perfect blend of no-nonsense organisation skills, and empathetic reassurance. We managed to blitz it in a couple of hours, with Georgie offering suggestions and advice along the way. I can't wait to apply her magic to the rest of my house! All I have to do now is teach my boys to keep it looking fabulous....’



Home office

'I was working on my kitchen table because I couldn't bear to work in my home office ...I was teary and becoming more and more unproductive. I just couldn't get my head in a place to reclaim the space. If I'm honest I didn't know where to start. Georgie was a listening ear, she didn't judge me over the clutter, she took time to find what I needed and got down to getting me back into my office. Things that shouldn't have been there were removed and found a new space, stationery was sorted, a filing cabinet purchased - my office space refound its purpose and so did I. It hasn't just helped me - it's been embraced by my family. They know its my workplace, what lives there and what doesn't. They respect it and me. It's made such a huge difference.'




‘Just when I felt at the edge of despair Georgie swooped in and completely saved me!  Within a matter of hours she had helped me remove and sort so much of the detritus that was cluttering up both my house and my mind.  She did this with such compassion and with an understanding of what systems needed to be put in place that 4 weeks later, unbelievably, after years of mess in the main living area of our house, it is still clear and we can see the benefits to our family every day.’