Supporting you to get organised... home from home (anywhere in the world)


What is Virtual Organising?

If you want to get organised at home, but are not sure where to start and what to do, I can help guide you via a succession of video calls . The cost is £150 per room /area. 

What do I get and how does it work?

✔ Initial video call  - we have a call to discuss what issues you are having with a room / area and what you would like to achieve. During this call you can show me around the area and I will provide advice on how to start tackling it (in bite size chunks).

✔ Email - following our discussion I will send you an email detailing the steps you need to take and provide links to any items I feel may help you.

✔ Progress call - on our initial call we will agree a time to check in (up to a week later), this will give you a chance to ask any questions - as well as letting us review progress; it is also a great way to keep motivated. 

✔ Final call - again on an agreed date (up to no more than a week later we will review progress and agree any final tasks.