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Picture of George

About me...

I’ve always been organised and methodical in my approach to life, home and work; as a working mother of a child with ADHD I am constantly on the go so need to be organised.

I understand not only the pressure of life but how organisation can help. 

My career has spanned various roles within project management and operations, so always a focus on organisation and problem solving - in 2019.

After 20 years working as a senior professional in both the public and private sectors, I decided I needed to not only find a better balance for myself, but I also wanted to find ways to genuinely help people.

'She is exceptionally well suited to the job she does, she's great fun to work with and I can throughly recommend her services.'

Knowing my natural inclination to declutter and organise, some close friends asked for my help with decluttering their houses as they were finding life stressful and their homes were not providing the sanctuary they wanted.  

Whilst helping them, I realised my skills and efforts were valued – organising people’s belongings not only helped them to spend more of their energy and focus on the things they cared about most - be it family, work or themselves - but also helped to simplify their lives, reducing stress and clutter.

  Simplify by George was born.

Simplify by George has Public Liability Insurance and Professional Indemnity Insurance.  Simplify by George is on the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) register, ensuring your personal details and data are handled in line with GDPR requirements.

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