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Clean Kitchen

A flexible service tailored to meet your needs.

From kitchens to playrooms, bedrooms to wardrobe refreshes, if you need to help declutter and organise I can help. My aim is to leave you with a space that not only 

works for you and your family, but is easy to maintain moving forwards.  

'I was so impressed with her ability to anticipate our needs and deliver her ideas sensitively and without judgement. Inviting someone into your home might think you’d be feeling vulnerable, but George made the whole process positive and fun.'

An initial telephone consultation allows us to discuss your priorities and how we can work together.  Then you can leave it to me to declutter and organise, putting system in place to allow you and your family to maintain it.


Love it or hate it, paperwork is a part of all our lives. I can reduce your pile to a file and  put systems in making sure it is easy to keep on top of.

'What fantastic work you've done, it's the job I've been absolutely dreading for the last 10+ years and you've managed to sort it out for me.'

I implement my easy to use SAFE system in your home as well as give you guidance on how long to keep things and how to reduce items from coming to your home.


Moving Home

It can be one of the most stressful (and exciting) times of your adult life and when you realise how much stuff you have accumulated. I can help by decluttering prior to your move (so you are only moving the things you need) or making sure your home is organised in the way you want it from the start.

'George came in and unpacked and organised the kitchen, kids bedrooms and sitting room and we arrived home to a welcoming, amazingly organised home that was a joy to be in. She saved us so much stress.'

Virtual Organising

Supporting you to get home from home (anywhere in the world). If you want to get organised at home, but are not sure where to start and what to do this is the service for you.

'George equiped me with a step-by-step document as to how to tackle the chaos! Our sessions were virtual (lockdown!) and yet (just a Zoom call away) I felt her reassuring and encouraging presence throughout my big sort!'

Whether it is a call to help source the right product, ask a specific question, or a full detailed guide on how to tackle an area, I can help. Prices start at £50.

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