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Organising session

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From kitchens to playrooms, bedrooms to paperwork  or assistance with moving home...

...if you need to help declutter and organise I can help.

My aim is to leave you with a space that works for you and your family and is easy to maintain.  

An initial telephone consultation allows us to discuss your priorities and how we can work together. 

Then you can leave it to me to declutter and organise, putting systems in place, giving you the calm space you deserve.

I was so impressed with her ability to anticipate our needs and deliver her ideas sensitively and without judgement. Inviting someone into your home you might think you’d be feeling vulnerable, but George made the whole process positive and fun.

Clothes Hangers

One to One

If you just need a bit of advice or guidance my one to one session is just the thing.

A one hour online session, we will talk through your issue and what you would like to achieve.

I will provide advice on how to make changes, along with as any possible storage recommendations. 

 Her experience with all sorts of storage and organising conundrums means that she brings lots of useful hints, processes and techniques for ensuring we can use the space & what is in it in a much more worthwhile way.

Corporate Workshop

Conference Room

In a world where remote and hybrid work arrangements have become the new norm, the workshop 'Declutter & Organise Your Home and Workspace' is designed to provide your employees with the essential skills they need to create a productive environment at home.

Attendees will learn how to go from chaos to calm; finding out why our homes become untidy, learning practical steps on how to tackle it and most importantly maintain it; improving their mental well being, motivation and productivity levels whilst reducing stress and burnout. 
This one hour workshop can be delivered either in person or virtually, and tailored to your companies needs.

I loved the session, George is a fab presenter, very engaging with a great personality. A really fab session. Can't wait to get started at home.

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