Pricing varies depending on your needs; the initial phone consultation is free.
I charge £140 for a half-day session (3hrs) and £260 for a full day (6hrs) - a 50% deposit is required.


Getting your home organised and working for you can reduce stress, providing you with a sanctuary to take on the rest of life's challenges.

Whether it is your kitchen, bedroom, study or another room in the house, I can help by decluttering, organising and putting systems in place that work for the whole family.  


A wardrobe detox can help you discover clothes you had forgotten about, as well as letting go of things you are keeping 'just in case', bringing you joy every time you open it. 

This is great to do around seasonal changes. 

Paperwork; a word that strikes fear into the hearts of many - it builds up quickly and feels like such a mammoth task to keep on top of it.  

I can reduce your paper mountain to what you need, as well as put processes in place to ensure it doesn't mount up again.


If you would like tailored advice on how I can simplify your life and home, The Plan may be the best solution for you. For £120, I will produce a plan of how to get things organised. 

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Simplify Plan


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