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The secret to getting organised is to do little and often.

Sometimes making a small change to the way you do things can have an big impact on the time you have and the way you feel. It can also encourage those around you to share some of the load.

Try some of these small changes and see if they have an impact in your home.

1 - Fold your families washing the way it comes out of the wash (even if it is inside out!).

This will save you time and a lot of frustration - you may have your family wondering around in inside out clothes for a while, but they will get the hang of it.

2 - Have a designated place for your keys.

How many times have you said 'has someone seen my keys?'. If you have said it more times than you remember then this is one for you!

3 - Open your post every day.

It stops the build up of post, the sight of which puts pressure on you, making you feel like there is something you need to do, and most of it can go straight in the bin!


4 - Don't save your clothes for best, wear them (or donate/sell).

Wear them as soon as you buy them, make the most of it before it goes out of season or stops fitting. Anything you don't wear, sell on Vinted or donate.

5 - Have a visible list of what is in your freezer.

It stops food going in the freezer never to be seen again, it also helps you keep on top of what you need and use what you have.

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6 - Have a visible list of what is in your fridge, with best before / use by dates listed.

It helps reduce food waste and ultimately is like a ready made meal planner!


7 - Unplug for a better nights sleep; plug your phone in somewhere other than your bedside table.

One of the best things to do to help you get a good nights sleep, especially if you are prone to a bit of late night doom scrolling!

8 - Buy a confidential roller to help you keep on top of your paperwork. 

How can you not have one already? It helps with no.3 and is my favourite gadget.

9 - Have one place in your house to put things that need to leave your house.

It is good to have a pile of things that are going to go to charity in one place; when you have a bag load you can book a collection with iCollect.


10 - Give everyone their own washing to put away.

Unless your family are unable to open a drawer, you can start this one. It is good for them to learn this life skill and will save you time in the long run, I promise!


11 - Wait 24 hours before buying anything.

The perfect way to make sure you are sure. Returning something takes a lot longer than not buying it in the first place!


12 - Unsubscribe from unwanted newsletters (obviously not this one!) when they arrive in your inbox.

It takes a few seconds longer than just hitting delete and stops the build up and pressure of a full mail box demanding your attention.


13 - Leave WhatsApp groups that are overwhelming or lost their purpose.

So hard to do, but I promise you it makes you feel so much lighter. For a funny reel which demonstrates the issue with doing this, click here.


14 - Only wash what is in the laundry basket.

This is a really tough one to do, it is short term pain for long term gain. You will be doing your family a favour by training them well and save yourself time and energy in the long run.


15 - Have a place for clothes you have worn once (that is not your floor or bedroom chair).

If they are clean enough to wear again, hang them up. If you really don't like that idea dedicate a shelf or drawer you can put them in, it will make your bedroom so much nicer to be in.

16 - Clear the kitchen worktop every night.

This is a great way to kick off the day, having a clear worktop. It seems like a lot to start, but if you clear bit by bit you will get there soon.

17 - Label wires as soon as you get them.

It might seem like you will remember, but a few months on you may forget - this can be the start of the cable mountain!

18 - Get a memory box for every family member and start using it.

It is one of the key elements in keeping your home clutter free; making sure all those bits and pieces you want to hold onto  have a place to belong.

19 - Get control of your bags

Get rid of those bags of bags; reduce the amount you have, keep them in one place (folding them means they takes up less room and you can store them in a box) and then keep them that way.

20 - Schedule 10 minutes to do something you enjoy

Scheduling 10 minutes to do something you enjoy, whether read a book or just sit and drink a cup of tea, will make a big difference to how you feel but no difference at all to how much you 'get done'. Try it, it will be worth it.

21 - Throw away magazines & papers you have not read

Unread papers feel like something else on your to do list, get rid of that feeling by letting go of any you have not had time to read. Once a week collect them up and take them out of your home (you can pass magazines onto your Drs surgery or neighbours).

22 - Check your breasts

Nothing to do with organising, but whilst you are here and making small changes to habits, please add this one to the list, it could literally save your life.

Make sure you check back as I regularly add a new ones to the list!
Is there
anything you do at home to simplify your life? I would love to hear it. 

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